About SpiritedStrength

SpiritedStrength created his moniker on the 14th June 2000 – a common set of characteristics that were present in him since he was a toddler had crystallised later into his adult life, to the point where they were commonly acknowledged by many who came into contact with him.

SpiritedStrength = daily life driven by: • heart • realness • liberation • purpose • learning • happiness

The moniker perfectly encapsulated his model of approach to his unique zest for life. Through placing SpiritedStrength at root of his every-day activity, he found he could shift his daily life intrinsically, with powerful results. He inter-linked his larger-than-life persona into his work as a Learning & Development Consultant, where he applied SpiritedStrength into his vocation for facilitating the fundamental human development of others. SpiritedStrength is a unique, simple and powerful human development concept that can be adopted by anyone and applied to all aspects of life – work, rest and play.

Modelling SpiritedStrength doesn’t mean that you become perfect – far from it. SpiritedStrength is a practical, living model for reviewing your daily approach to all or aspects of your daily life at those times when you are aware you need a boost, self-motivation and some objectivity.

The SpiritedStrength model is personal, practical, powerful and productive. Remember it’s based on the premise that human development is personal, self-driven & continual.

Who is SpiritedStrength?

SpiritedStrength is a multi-faceted and inspiring man – he has a big personality, a deep passion for human-development, an emotionally articulate mind, a relentless luv-a-larf sense of humour and a big heart; ALWAYS positive minded, spiritual and compassionate – with his caricature and vivid sense of humour, he triumphs courageously through a life of spiritual growth, social adventure, personal development and professional evolution. He is a risk-taker who gets a real buzz out of improving his own life, together with connecting with people from all walks of life & inspiring them to become the best that they can be.

What is SpiritedStrength’s Blog About?

SpiritedStrength’s Blog is about allowing others to view life through his lens. There are many aspects to his life – from his intimate musings and his human development concepts, to his vivid exclamations and personal adventures. This blog is where SpiritedStrength will share his thoughts on aspects of his world, as they emerge…and clash…or synergise…or….

What Would SpiritedStrength Like You To Do?

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