January Reality-Check

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That moment when you grind to a halt, realising that your supply of New Year-Happy-Batty-Energy is over and you have to power your way forward with a fresh supply of everyday motivational fuel. Or not.


This past weekend the full scale of the challenges I’ve got on for the year ahead hit me full-on. A bit like the mountain-climber who keeps progressing upwards 1000s of feet, then when he instinctively takes a look back and computed both how far he is away from the start, as well as how far how has got to go to the end, he buckles…

Not that I’m on a downas or anything – I’ve got some exciting and fulfilling things happening in my life right now – it’s more about realising that my over-revved turn-of-the-year-grr had flickered out. My January Reality-Check consisted of:

  • Heading immediately back into MSc exam study after a chilled out after a beach holiday in hot Gran Canaria
  • Sitting that ba’stard, muddha-ass of an exam
  • Going back to work after 2 blissful weeks off; having to write a stratiegic plan for the fucntion I head up, for the year in preperation for a review with my manager
  • Undergoing the most surreal orspical procedure to remove a lipoma from my shoulder via local anaesthetic
  • Feeling meh from my renewed fitness-progess suffering because of work travel, study demands, the snow and my shoulder recovery from the procedure
  • Starting Semester 2 of my MSc the week after my Semester 1 exam, which gave me a snakes and ladders feeling as I realised the scale and feat of completing two new programme subjects in four months
  • Gearing up for a week of national business travel
  • Extreme cold weather and snow is biting my ass outside and indoors, as I live in a cunting draughty, poorly managed, old mansion house

And you thought this blog was going to always be positive and light huh? Well it aims to find positivity – however it will always be real. We all feel a bit meh at times – sometimes we take a stock of things and feel a tad overwhelmed.

Was it just me? Or have you had a bite of the January-Reality-Check too? Some of the typical signs I’ve witnessed with friends and colleagues over the past few weeks are:

  • January bank account balancing and post Christmas credit card bills makes your stomach knot
  • Returning to work to face the same shit you happily said goodbye to as you signed out for your end-of-year break
  • Realising you don’t have the level of commitment you’d hoped and are skidding on your New Year Resolution(s) or Determination(s) already
  • The weather makes you vex
  • You can’t explain it but you just have the winter blues
  • Continuously dreaming of your summer holiday – getting away somewhere to gain a form of relief. You yearn to know it’s lined up for you
  • Communicating a glum-outlook in conversations

Whilst I felt numb last weekend, I decided to write a cathartic blog post that will help me to cough up that sluggish feeling and concentrate this week on jump-starting my engine. I needed to turn fire it up!!! This brother’s got shitt to do in the coming months, none of which are easy, but all of which require me to be switched on and ready. It’s gonna be a blarstid tough year. There will be challenges. There will be ups and downs. But that’s life.   After digging deep, here’s the new mindset I’ve began owning this week that you might care to try:-

Use your aspirations & determinations for as the fuel to motivate you through the steps you need to take and the challenges you will overcome throughout 2013!!!

That jump-start is much more real that the unsustainable traditional New Year grin-through-your-teeth approach – don’t you think??? 

Have you hit the January Reality-Check wall?If so, I feel your pain. You know you need to dig deep don’t you?…

Yeah you do. 

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  1. Travis Moore 30 January 2014 at 09:47 - Reply

    This is your IG friend reaching out to let you know how much I appreciate you for sharing your life’s journey this way. I write for a living so it is always cool to read how others express themselves through the craft. Continued blessings and favor to you.

    • SpiritedStrength 5 February 2014 at 08:04 - Reply

      Thanks for the nod Travis :) I need to get back to expressing myself via my blog, more – the writing I’ve been doing in the past year has mostly been my pt MSc study…this has been a nice reminder ;) Much appreciated

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