Lifting My Head Up

Deep Thoughts


Contrary to misconception, I am alive.


OK jokes aside. It’s been a tough 3-months. Good-tough I might add – but blarstid tough all the same.

I’ve learned:

  • How to deal with being overwhelmed: That a undertaking a part-time MSc is wholly life-consuming
  • Self-discipline: That I’m good at applying absolute focus to goal- driven, daily micro-deadlines in order to get 3-hours’ reading a day Mon-Fri & more at the weekends done, in order to keep on top of my study
  • Balance: That I’m a dab-hand at reading academic journals and making notes with a highlighter while standing on a packed tube, twice a day
  • Prioritisation: That I’m OK with changing my mindset, so that my social life and my spare-time activity comes after work and study, with no remorse
  • Educational Resilience: That I can deal with a tough subject and a challenging MSc level essay, when I’ve been led by a SHITT lecturer
  • Happy-Batty Student: That I love learning
  • Friendship Gratefulness: That I have a great network of friends who can flip it up and support me on the serious stuff as well as be rawkus and fool-fool with me – thanks guys & ghurleens ;)
  • Relationship Pin-Drop: That I have an amazing, gorgeous boyfriend who is a gem & the most selfless, supportive, loving, sexy man I’ve ever known. He doesn’t blink an eye about the demands and traumas, of my studying (thank you universe…and you Mr P)!
  • Legs Have Life: After over two years, #GammyKneeGate is over – I’m doing a couple of treadmill 10Ks each weekend, thanks to my Physiotherapist – his fantastic work is done. I’m looking forward to improving my to fitness in the New Year
  • Gratefulness: That it’s OK to celebrate being with my boyfriend for 1-year, which I did a couple of weeks ago. Whouldda thunk?!! Rhatid!
  • Something’s Gotta Give: That blogging & social networking slides down the can-do-list when shit is on, and that’s ok
  • Self-Motivation: That visualising my MSc Graduation Ceremony, as well as my career post-MSc and full CIPD Membership provides me with an exhilarating, inspirational feeling and the power to dig deep when things are deeply challenging
  • Professional Esteem: That I know some shit from my MSc studies that adds real value to my Learning and Development specialist practice.

I reflected on these this morning as I recovered from the trauma of submitting one basta’d, son-of-a-gun, rhatid assignment at 23:49  last night, 10-minutes before the 23:59 deadline. Its a shame blogging had to step aside for 3 months, however I’m sure you will agree that its its been for the best! This mofo has learned how to hold down a demanding job, get to grips with part-time study and a keep relationship all in-check. All of these 3 top 3 priorities in my life need constant attention and to sustain and develop, however I feel this is a great time to lift my head up acknowledge the distance I’ve travelled since September.

I see beach. I see the dunes in Gran Caneria, which I’ll be strolling through bare foot on Christmas Eve. I’ve been touching my passport and clicking on the web link to the hotel every 1-hour for the past week. Yes folks I’ve 1-week to go before my end-of-year break. I’m delirious.

Have you lifted up your head lately? Join me for a little bit if you can. What have you learned about yourself lately?

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