What’s Your Summer Love???

Do you have a summer love???

If you haven’t managed to ride a wave of summer salaciousness this year then you’re missing a trick.

The summer season brings with it a desire to have something to compliment the exhilarating, carefree, fulfilling, happy-rays and the people-inspired activities of release, friendship, love, lust, fun, adventure & social interaction.

The more sporty (also the sportingly ambitious) look forward to upping fitness levels & participating in outdoor sports. Those who struggle with body image fret about wearing the season’s skin & contour-revealing designs and focus on weight loss goals & body-sculpting. Some people are saying that the London Olympics is more than enough excitement for them. I give that one a *side-eye* personally (recent Olympics blog post).

Summer social activities call for outdoor parties! Festivals, day trips, BBQs, garden parties and pub pavements – trying out new social activities/networks, breaking the cycle of mingling with the same-ole same-ole people…

Who doesn’t have a penchant for a summer holiday?!! From the exotic to the budget, a break-away-from-it-all is like an anaesthetic to the grind of the daily urban work-life-routine…

OK I saved it till last – a blast of romance, love, companionship or lust can put the wind in our sails and help us feel it’s about time we get some pay back *theatrical wink*… or…harrowing thoughts of settling for yet more time alone could snap you into action…

Yes folks, summer is a motivator! Finding sources of self-motivation is the best fuel for for human-development:

Taking time to understand WHAT you want and WHY, will provide the FOCUS you need as well as the extra FUEL for you to DIG DEEPER and take the ACTIONS that will multiply your chances for a achieving an seamless, blissful, SUMMER WIN.

What if you don’t find a summer love to get you going ? What if you don’t get that seasonal fix?

You’dve lost a great opportunity, that’s blarstid what.

Finding a summer love that will inspire you do something different – getting you out of the routine, focusing on achieving something,  whether tangible or not…soaking up the thing that breaks your hum-drum routine, at least…celebrating the joy of devouring your ‘spot-on’ lush summer experience…*dreamy face-in-hands-sigh* Not achieving that – well that’s akin to self-harm, given the potential benefits!

We’re over the hump of the summer season – two months to go. It’s time to act! If you’re not enjoying your summer, is it because you neither have something that, nor someone whom you love? One opens the karma for the other, you know (in no particular order)…

The summer season is about renewal, connecting, really living & being happy!

Here are my summer loves for this year – they’re making me beam!

  • Spending the first summer with my man, experiencing lashings of quality time and adventures
  • Having a fantastic experience at the best pride event in Europe: Madrid Pride
  • Spending a week in Berlin for my birthday
  • Having one of my best friends, Demarco, come here from Atlanta to celebrate my birthday (yup my celebration lasts a couple of weeks)
  • Taking time off to hang out with Demarco for 1.5 weeks and do tourist-London
  • Having a birthday celebration with friends in London once I get back from Berlin (notice a continuing theme?)
  • Getting my fitness to it’s former glory (it’s a slow road)

Yup, I’m living The SpiritedStrength Model this summer:

SpiritedStrength = daily life driven by: • heart • realness • liberation • purpose • learning • happiness

What’s your summer love???




  1. Wendi B 3 August 2012 at 09:06 - Reply

    My summer love is usually in the form of a holiday abroad, but this year I took it early (in May). So I’m definitely one of those looking forward to the socialising side of it – especially being in costume at Notting Hill Carnival, which is the pinnacle for me! In terms of the love thing, I’m working on it ;)

    • SpiritedStrength 3 August 2012 at 09:30 - Reply

      Gwarn Wendi! I’d love to see pics of you playin mass! now the love thing…fire it up ;))

    • SpiritedStrength 14 August 2012 at 22:47 - Reply

      Gwarn Wendi! I’d love to see pics of you playin mass! now the love thing…fire it up ;))

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