Birthdays Are For…

Did I tell you it was my birthday???

I’m sure I’ve dropped it in a blog or two lately!!!

It’s the time of the year where I blissfully celebrate my life! Bourne from simplistic, real wonderment at still being here, feeling blessed and deeply thankful for what experiences I’ve come through, to become as happy as I am with my life.

It’s my birthday season. Yes I said season. What??!

I’m surrounded by an array of friends – at one end of the scale there are fiends like myself who confidently know why they want to celebrate their lives and how they want to celebrate it! At the other end I’ve friends who want to celebrate but feel embarrassed about asking those to help them celebrate – what’s that about??? At the very extreme end of the scale I’ve a fair few friends who refuse to even celebrate personally and are absolutely determined to treat it as any other day.

Me? I’m not hiding my light under a bushel!!! Yuh lie love!!!

But each to their own; I be I and you be you…

Although I do have a philosophy on it – I’m a people-observer…I see the correlation – people who shy away from celebrating their birthday coarsely suffer with two syndromes:

  • Not that into friendships: people who are not the most socially successful people – they find it hard to make friendships, develop sustainable ones and are very quick to find a reason to end them. It’s like social self-harm – their values  create an *Anal-Friendship-Syndrome* – come their own birthday, they find it hard to have carefree thoughts about celebrating a personal event as they’d removed the carefree aspects in relationships and deem a celebration to be far too woolly & needy.
  • Wish I had more friends: people who are insecure about their lack of popularity – they wish they connected with people that much more, wish their friendship circle was slightly bigger and more dynamic, wish they’ve lived a bit more. They are truly stuck on how they could make their social circle bigger…they get embarrassed / anxious at having a party because they imagine the worse – what if the few friends they have don’t want to go? It’d make them feel worse. They secretly wish they could have celebration but “don’t want to have one” because they don’t need their lack of social success (often in their  own eyes – not anyone else’s) underlined on this day of all days.

Let’s be fair though – there’s a ying and yang to everything! The birthday-nay-sayers broadly look with disdain at the happy-batty-birthday-revellers, such as myself, viewing us as suffering from being fools of the following kinds:

  • Attention-Seeker: see’s birthdays as the perfect opportunity to underline their popularity – they want a hit of being in the spot light and feeling special. Unashamed of salivating over being showered with gifts, attention and compliments
  • Friends-Counter: see’s their birthday event as an opportunity to underline their social standing – producing a full-to-capacity crowd re-affirms to themselves and those around them that they’ve still got it and are ever so popular
  • People-Drug-Addict: salivates at the opportunity to be around people, gives off and gives back energy at full-gear; a natural people-lover; naturally skilled in connecting with people; happy to plug-everyone in and light up a social space in their own honour. Not about money or gifts – very about fun and inter-connectivity. Depending on where you stand on the cynicism-ometer you could see this type of person as either a nutso-happy-batty or be secretly in-awe of how they ooze people-connectivity.

Ok I admit it – I’m the People-Drug-Addict Type. But not to such a cynical extreme (of course I’m gonna defend it! Eh eh!) I love connection with people – whether personal and intimate to social groups and random experiences. I find it exciting to mix it all up in a pot and have a bit of cheer, once a year, ask them to spiritually wish me on. If we can celebrate the Queen’s success as a Colonist & slave-trader, the Olympics, football, the birth of a child, the turn of summer or spring seasons, the passing of someone’s life, why shouldn’t I celebrate something as fundamental as my life???! I matter, and I’m not afraid to believe or show that. Oh. Good. Rrrright.



My birthday celebration changes all the time – some years I have big ole parties, others, group restaurant dos, sometimes  I have quiet drinks or an intimate, chilled event – depends on my life-state at that time & ultimately, how much I want bangarang in my head. But I always do something. After coming through the other side of a few very trying years undergoing a life transformation, I feel to celebrate many things this year, mostly:

  • Giving thanks for coming through it all, much for the better 
  • Thanking friends for keeping my going through some tough times
  • Celebrating the things in my life that are fantastic
  • Telling the year ahead: Come on then! I’m ready!!!

I declare my birthday season officially open!!!

I love life. Really. Even when it’s deeply challenging and traumatic I’ve learned to love it. *squeezes eyes and rocks* My answer to this blog-post’s headline question is: Birthdays are for celebrating your life!!! 


SpiritedStrength = daily life driven by: • heart • realness • liberation • purpose • learning • happiness


If you would send me a wink, a wish or a smile, I’d feel it…and would be so grateful ;)

What’s your opinion on what birthdays are for? Recognise yourself in any of the types above (broadly speaking of course)??? Let me know in the comments below..

Blog you on the other side! Ah-Ha-Haaaiii!!!


  1. Tiffany 20 August 2012 at 03:22 - Reply

    GARY!!! You are such a blessing and bright light in this world. I cannot wait to celebrate your birthday with you, and Demarco as well! Muchas Kisses and I’ll see you in 12 days?!?!?!!!!!! XoXoXo ~ Tiff

  2. Teresa 21 August 2012 at 08:53 - Reply

    Gary…… articulate perfectly what I think and feel, looking forward to celebrating your life with you…….Txxxx

  3. Jorge Luengas 29 August 2012 at 20:45 - Reply

    Feliz Cumpleaños……..have a great time!!! Xxx

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