Olympics 2012: Im Just Not That Into It

I’ve had many debates & discussions about my attitude towards the games….

…I have never been into competitive sports since I was a child.

…The extreme emotional group-psychology around something so trivial always got my back up since I was knee-high.

…I was a black gay child of the 80s – the odds were stacked against me – I didn’t push the tide (GSOH required on that point – *laughs at self*).

…I got into independent sports in my 30’s (gym & running).

…I was never gonna be a sports mascot in this life.

…When I heard the UK won the bid to host I was happy for the achievement.

…Then the 7/7 terrorist attacks happened & I became and concerned about beating our chest in this global political climate – see I don’t have a frikkin bodyguard like those politicians who say “nerr-nerr-ner-nerr-nerr” to radical terrorists.

…Then the global downturn happened & we all realised the value & liquidity of money even more.

…Then global austerity happened & I became pissed off at this extravagant game in the name of national ego.

…Then I found I was paying for it in my council tax, being a Londoner. I was so angry about that I could’ve changed green like the hulk (I tried & failed a few times)!

…Then I found despite paying towards it I wasn’t going to get any free tickets. Proper pissed about that still.

…Then I got annoyed with all the British nationalist stuff being blasted at me on the back of the frikkin Queen’s Jubilee vomit (I’m British-Carribbean & have issues with coloniasm & anything overly celebrating the British Empire, remembering how it was built on the back of slavery and robbery sits uncomfortably with me).

…Then the ‘you should’ statements started happening & I became more intrenched in being non-plussed the more people pushed me to get onto the popularist view; I will think and feel what I want – I don’t do peer pressure.

…But I don’t wish the games, the athletes, or the people who are enjoying it bad – I just don’t get all the sign up to the for “bringing the world together” fart-foolish banging of the drum – the games have become corporate -pocket-laying-porn & state-porn, at it’s worst!

…At my most positive about it, I am really pleased what it does for young people to inspire them & give them alternative things to focus on – I respect that part wholeheartedly.

…The way I got excitied about it was to root for my friends Mark & Kev who were in the opening ceremony (well done guys!)

…And I enjoyed the production part of the opening ceremony.

…I loved Daniel Graig & the Queen’s entrance, David Beckam in the boat and Dizzy Rascal smashing it!

…Then I lost interest – I fell asleep at the athletes entering the stadium during the letter ‘D’. That part bored the shit outta me.

…I was dissapointed that such good ground made was lost by wheeling out that turkey Paul McCartney – I don’t understand why they treat him as a natinal treasure & recycle him at event major British event – he is no longer relevant, his songs are dry and he can’t sing; other modern British pop icons???

…Overall the London 2012 games neither inspires nor excites me.

…The games doesn’t benefit me personally in any way so there is no reason why I ‘should’ be excited about it.

I’m not pouring scorn on it or anyone who enjoys it. I say: go enjoy yourselfI be I and you be you.

…I’m not an Olympic-cynic per-say – I’m just not emotionally invested into the nauseating ‘British/London’ aspect – trained seal I am not.

I will watch some bits of it purely from a TV entertainment aspect (athletics events last on average 10-seconds – about my attention span-for any sporting event).

…I’m just not that into it.

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